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BLACK FRIDAY SALE TODAY | Promo $25 Off Code "BFCM21" | All Cars Come w/ Parental Remote Control

2022 24V Mercedes Zetros | Two Leather Seats & Rubber Tires

Save $300.00
Original price $999.99
Current price $699.99

Our 2022 24V Mercedes Zetros Kid's Ride On Truck has Finally Arrived! The Perfect Two Seater Truck For All The Kid's To Have A Fun Time!


  • 24V Battery
  • 2 UPGRADED Motors
  • Leather Seat
  • Rubber Tires
  • No Remote Control
  • Built-in MP3 Player
  • Lights
  • Seat Belt
  • Suspension
  • Doors Open
  • Maximum Speed Between 8-10KM/HR (Based On Our Tests)
  • Maximum Weight Supported: 220LBS (Based On Our Tests)
  • Ages Recommended: One Kid Between 1-10 Years Old OR Two Kids 1-5 EACH